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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

I am carefree. I don't sweat the small stuff. I view things as they are. I don't attempt to interpret things and believe my interpretation to be absolute/correct. I don't swallow everything I hear. I ask questions. I rationalize but I rarely ever finalize. I am an observer. If action is required I will act. I hate injustice. I believe injustice is self-evident. I don't view the world as black and white. It has many shades of color. I believe myself to have a purpose in this world, what it is, I don't quite know yet. My goal in life is to be happy hence my actions never contradict that goal. I take care of myself. Family is very important to me. I never do things half-ass. I don't take the path of least resistance if it is the least moral. I am constantly growing and learning as a person. I am not indecisive, I know what I want. I believe people should be able to do anything and everything that makes them happy so long as it doesn't negatively impact the well-being of others. I set realistic goals and work towards realizing those goals. I help those in need. Failure is an option. Consistent failure is not an option. I am not easily annoyed, impressed or surprised.

I like turtles but I am not into them as much as I am into software craftsmanship. :)


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