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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

I am making the world better by developing free software that makes peoples' lives better, as well as volunteering in non-tech related areas to do the same.

If you dig any of these free projects, please consider sponsoring my work on them:

  • an email batching service for Gmail, because spending less time in your inbox is wonderful
  • a goal tracking website allowing you to create daily/weekly/monthly goals and track your progress
  • wxBanker: an open-source personal finance application in the official Ubuntu archives
  • an as-simple-as-possible meditation timer: the URL bar is the UI

As a freelancer, more sponsorship directly equals more time for free projects and helping others, and less time tied to contracts.

If you find yourself without time to work on free software yourself, consider donating an hour of your time per month (one hour's pay) to myself or others on Gittip, or directly to causes like Kiva or yourself.

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