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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

I am making the world better by counterpointing the surrealism of the underlying metaphor.

My day job precludes a lot of regular open-source involvement, but I try to give back in other ways, mainly through speaking at user groups and conferences such as Pycon, CodeMash, and PyOhio, and fun little side projects.

I am the showrunner, producer, and a host of (the admittedly iregularly-released) From Python Import Podcast (

I created to help new parents keep track of how many days, weeks, or months old their new bundle of joy currently is.

I created to automatically index the wonderful mashups of

I created to generate Python-flavored placeholder text.

I'm also an active amateur photographer; I completed a 365 project in 2012 that garnered a modest (but nonetheless ego-pleasing) amount of praise from people who followed along.

For more about me and whatever I'm up to lately, visit my site

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