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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

I am trying to make the world better by creating meaningful projects that try to go beyond just software.

I rather enjoy the fact that everyone has different interests and strengths in the world, and that is what makes society all the more complete. We can't all worry about this problem or struggle with this issue, but taken together, we build cultures and subcultures within them. Art of all kinds is what helps us be heard and understood among others, and even silly things like software are no exception.

I do my best to work on projects and tasks that I find meaningful, helping to explore issues that are important to me in such a way as to share them with others, both those who are already interested in such things, and those who have never heard of them before. I focus on mental health, gender and sexuality, fandom and subcultures, and data visualization using open source software specifically so that this can all be a shared work among us.


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