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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

I am making the world better by helping people embrace Clojure, a language tailored for this century's challenges.

My aim is to contribute closing the gap between Clojure and the Enterprise crew, by bringing Clojure tooling into familiar territory.

I'm leading the development of Counterclockwise, the Eclipse Plugin for Clojure.

I'm doing it all open source, and also try, as much as possible, to not have my work be “stuck” in the Eclipse world, by externalizing or contributing to separate libraries (paredit.clj, clojure-complete, etc.) the code that can be reused in other editors.

Counterclockwise on google code: Counterclockwise on github: Paredit.clj on github: clojure-complete on github:

Follow me on twitter: @petitlaurent

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