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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

I am making the world better by Working on open source software that lays the brickwork for a better future.

I don't have a steady income right now. I'm working to cut my expenses and live very cheaply, and get enough of an income so I can sustainably pay rent and food, and continue to have the autonomy to develop things that I think the open source (and Bitcoin) community needs.

My work with others to clean up BitcoinJS is a great example of this. I have received almost no compensation for this work, yet this is going to be the foundation for all JS-based Bitcoin technology in the future.

Neocities ( is also a great example, and the project that I'm currently spending most of my time on. Neocities allows for people to make their own free web sites, harkening back to the days when creativity on the Internet was cherished. I want to bring back web surfing by empowering people to express themselves. I'm also working to make Neocities a more sustainable, more accountable startup by adhering to Open Company principles, an idea championed by Gratipay itself.

Your help would be much appreciated, so I can continue my work. Thank you!


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