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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

I am making the world better by organizing PyCon 2012/2013 as Chair ( The largest Python developer conference in the world. I serve on the Python Software Foundation ( board of directors as well as several PSF committees geared towards community education and outreach.

I work with community members and sponsors as much as possible to get them involved more in the community aspects of Python - either helping them draft grant requests for the PSF ( or coaching them on where they can further help or contribute. I work with potential sponsors to help guide them where their contributions can do the most help for the PSF, community, PyCon, outreach groups such as PyLadies, etc.

I helped shepherd and maintain the multiprocessing module for Python, but had to back away from that due to time constraints.

Most of my work is behind the scenes.

To me, gittip offers a method for people to thank me, and by extension, my family for the work I would do even if this site did not exist. I would do the work I do in the PSF/community no matter what, with the same level of passion I have for years.

The funds received from gittip are a mental reenforcement to me that the work I do matters, and I dedicate funds received to my family - paying off medical bills, working on making my family more stable and helping, in some way, offset the time I steal from them to do what I do for the community.

It might be a choice between doing OSS/Community work, or picking up a side contract that will help me make money for my family. But my passions lie in the community and the work (and stress that comes with it).

I want to be able to help my wife, and family realize their dreams and have stability while I continue to burn resources doing the things I do that don't pay me, but that I am passionate about.

Something as simple as a hug from someone at PyCon 2012 whose life I helped change in a small way through my, and others work burned this in my mind. I know where my passions are.

Bitcoins: 1EBX4j523hYbDVikP9itbuCwFg49czgujR

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