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I am making the world better by creating Ruby APIs and Developer Tools that builds bridges and abstractions between different software and technologies.

s3cmd-dsl - jjuliano.github.io/s3cmd-dsl motion-sprites - jjuliano.github.com/motion-sprites ruby-webp - rubygems.org/gems/ruby-webp rhaproxy - jjuliano.github.com/rhaproxy rha - rubygems.org/gems/rha raptget - rubygems.org/gems/raptget raptcache - rubygems.org/gems/raptcache ruby-googleloader - rubygems.org/gems/ruby-googleloader maatkit-ruby - rubygems.org/gems/maatkit-ruby ruby-s3cmd - jjuliano.github.com/ruby-s3cmd kjv-bible-in-html5 - github.com/jjuliano/kjv-bible-in-html5

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