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I am a 61 year old man from Bristol, Tennessee. At a very young age I wanted to cut records. Around October 2013, I had been given a record cutter–a Wilcox-Gay Recordio. I bought a cutting needle (a new old stock) Recordiopoint cutting needle on ebay. It didn't last long and was expensive according to my pocketbook. That is when all those years came together and I began experimenting with a lathe–designed to make cutting needles. It was touch and go at first and I got some valuable help from a member. I would send him my needles to test. After a while I began selling them on ebay. To date I have sold 428 cutting needles for just $10 each to give everyone the chance to enjoy record cutting without expensive prices. I make needles for the suitcase type like Recordios, Recordettes, etc., and Presto/Rek-o-kut types, plus the cone needles for polycarbonate cutting. I have 100% positive feedback on ebay. Some of this money pays my bills, and I need some help to continue to evolve and present quality cutting needles to the public. I have sold world-wide many times. I appreciate the time you shared with me reading my quest and I thank you. Just go to ebay and in the search type record cutting needles and a screen will come up showing my three needles I sell. My seller ID is Morrisjer. Many thanks, Jerry

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