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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

We are making the world better by educating women and girls to create the next wave of skilled female technologists and encouraging gender parity in tech.

We are building – the social coding school for woman. is like one of those game where you level up a character's set of skills. Except, that character is actually you yourself and the skills are git, vim and JavaScript.

Instead of putting you into a closed learning environment, we teach you how to use the Internet in order to learn to build the Internet. We curate online resources such as interactive tutorials, screencasts, free text books and podcasts, and fill in the blanks where needed.

We build a platform that allows for zero-setup pair programming sessions in a real Unix environment (vim, tmux, zsh) with a WebRTC-based voice chat.

In this environment we teach server-side and client-side JavaScript and all oder soft and hard skills required to work as a Full Stack Developer in an distributed agile team.

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