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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

I am making the world better by helping to write and maintain lots of Free + Open source software as well as mentoring budding developers (in Google Summer of Code, Google Code-In and other mentorship programs) and welcoming them to the community.

I am also the “root commit” of PDX Git , a budding community of Git people in Portland, Oregon.

Some projects that I have submitted code to are Travis CI, Git, Mozilla Firefox, CASH Music (part of Mozilla WebFWD), BioPerl, Rakudo Perl 6 and Perl 5. I have also written or maintain various Perl 5 CPAN modules, which you can find here:

I am also co-maintainer of Math::Big* in Perl 5 core and a core developer of Parrot Virtual Machine .

More details at

I also make the world a better place by providing Free + Open source consulting services via Leto Labs LLC . My goal with every project is to prevent/reverse proprietary lock-in and create as much publicly-accessible code as possible, which goes on the Leto Labs Github organization:

Have an awesome day!

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