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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

About me : Blake4d is my online pen name.

I am a professional writer with experience in online journalism, ghost writing, content and business websites. I have experience authoring articles with national and independent publications.

I am experienced with Adobe Photoshop and a range of other programming for graphic design and web editing. I have a wide knowledge of desktop publishing and multimedia platforms.

I have a background in the esoteric arts, paganism, comparative religions, computers, and design. All while in pursuit of being an artist, musician, public speaker and online journalist. I am a Renaissance man, techno-pagan and online activist, but a writer first. I never turn away from any subject matter, having written on topics conservative and controversial; my clients have been from the worlds of professional business, affiliate marketing, public education, online gaming, scientific researchers, product developers and the adult video industry.

My goal is to tackle any subject by making it interesting, readable and marketable. I will write about anything and everything. It is my passion.

I want funding to get my online kindle novels published and marketed.

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