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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

Hey all you delicious and tasty humans! I see that you want to support consumer-driven gaming journalism and that makes you cooler than the ice age. If you stumbled over here by accident, no problem - let us take a minute to tell you what TechRaptor is all about.

TechRaptor is a website built by gamers and techies, for gamers and techies. We cover everything from AAA titles to indie mobile games, from iPhones to the N-Gage. We don't care who has the most money behind a title or product, we just try to review it as objectively as possible. If we enjoyed a game we'll tell you all about it, if it wasn't all that great, we'll let you know that too. We bring you the current gaming news every day, including the stuff other websites may not cover!

TechRaptor has a wide and diverse range of contributors, people from all backgrounds, and from countries all over the world. Such a diverse pack means that we have diverse opinions. TechRaptor doesn't censor our writers' voices, and all opinions are welcomed. We've been hacked, we've been attacked, we've been censored, but we're not going to stop!

Apart from all the news, opinion pieces, and reviews, we also have our weekly article segments:

  • Monday: This Week in Kickstarter - We pick some of our favorite current kickstarter projects and let the world know about them.
  • Tuesday: PC Build - A weekly PC build for everyone to consider
  • Wednesday: The Weekly Respawn - Our central podcast that hits on a lot of topics throughout hour podcast
  • Thursday: Shoestring Gaming - A look at some of the cheap gaming deals going on this week
  • Friday: To the Green - Our look at a Steam Greenlight Project and our thoughts
  • Saturday: FPS Saturdays - A look a some of the First Person Shooters out there | Ocular Reality - We take a look at what's going on with some of the VR games and developers.
  • Sunday: Playing Text - A weekly feature of a Visual Novel / game!

We have added Weekly YouTube Content as well!

  • Monday: The Hunt - Dedicated to showing you games that worth checking out!
  • Tuesday: Georgie On The Go - Georgina Young plays a different Retro game every week!
  • Thursday: Shaun Joy brings you a First Impressions or Gameplay Video!

And if that wasn't enough, we also feature tech news and reviews so that you can get all your tech information right where you find out what's happening in gaming. Sweet, right? We're a pretty new site and we have a lot of things in the pipeline, including a theme redesign, apparel, and few new series for our YouTube channel! So keep watching as we grow.

TechRaptor roars a giant THANK YOU for your support so far! Without you, we wouldn't be the website we are today. If you can't donate, or you just don't want to, no worries, just keep reading and we kindly ask that you turn off adblock, it really does help. If you want to keep up with all the latest developments, follow us on Twitter @ |

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