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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

I am making the world better by continuously improving Perl's testing tools and training new developers in Perl. I've written Test::Class::Moose, one of the most advanced testing frameworks for Perl, and also DBIx::Class::EasyFixture, a dead-simple way of creating complex database fixtures for you test code. And I've written books on Perl, articles on Perl, and, you know, done more Perl.

And if you want to see Veure, a science-fiction browser MMORPG ( released any faster, fund me enough that I can pay more developers. However, I know that's not going to happen, so I'll build it anyway :)

Note that I'm giving away most of the money that I receive to developers I think should have support, but because I've not attached a credit card to my account, I don't show up in the “Top Givers” list.

I also like JavaScript and want more people to use node.js and angular.js. node is awesome because it's the first server technology I've seen in a long time which is definitely worth the hype (I'm lookin' at you, Rails), and angular can help make a seamless integration between the front and back ends that makes a developer much, much more productive.

I also regularly help people to live and work anywhere in the world via my Overseas Exile blog ( I have lived in five countries: the USA, Japan, the UK, the Netherlands and now France. I love being an expat and helping others move abroad.

I am giving away almost all the gittip money I receive. However, gittip doesn't show me as a “top giver” because I don't give my credit card details.

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