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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

We are making the world better by being an open hackerspace!

Kiberpipa (Cyberpipe) is ran by a group of volunteers that kept it active for last 13 years. We hosted over 2000 events here, in Ljubljana Slovenia.

Kiberpipa is based on the ideas and values of openness and open source. We share our platform for free to technology and activist communities.

In Kiberpipa we believe that sharing of knowledge is a necessity for society and individual to advance. We're working on different projects and hosting all kinds of free events. See more on and our video archive

We're collecting donations for running costs of 2013/2014 season and every dollar is very helpful! To cover renting costs we need to collect $200/week. Anything extra will be used to cover buying equipment and for maintaining the location. Thank you for supporting us!

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