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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

Last update: 2017-05-07

Hi, thanks for considering to support the project.

CHT is an desert hackbase, an open lab for technology, theory and art you can live in and help construct, in Lanzarote (Canary Islands), easily reachable by inexpensive flights from anywhere in Europe.

The donations / membership system gives the base neccesary upfront liquidity to invest into our planned equipment goals. Some of those, you can see on !

See for all information about the project plans, or contact for more details. Other ways of contributing are also possible (Bitcoin, Paypal, IBAN) and every sum is very welcome. See .

If you pledge non-anonymously (Tweet to @chtotalism or send an email notifying), your Gratipay tips here can count for covering the expenses of your future stay at the base. A tip of $6/week is suggested for future residents.

Thanks for your support!

Base rationale?

  • living together = saving cash and time = can focus on perceived important projects

  • style: hack, build, theory, music, avant art

  • work: research, develop, build and own all basic infrastructure / off-the-grid & self-sustainable

  • contribution: 400€/month incl food (less possible if you're without work, more highly encouraged)

  • non-profit + fully open inventory/financials

  • Season V: ~5-10 people camping together

  • average winter sea & air temperature: 18°C

  • flights are inexpensive, like 30-100€ one way (EU).


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