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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

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Download each and every [xkcd] comic uploaded! Like ever!


  • Can download all the xkcd’s uploaded till date(1603 as I am writing this!).
  • Download individual xkcd’s and store them
  • Download ranges of xkcd’s and store them
  • Download the latest issue xkcd
  • Download the meta text inside each xkcd and store it
  • No duplicacy in your XKCD database.
  • Stores each xkcd in a separate file named as the title of the xkcd at your home directory
  • Writes a description.txt for each xkcd. Storing meta-data like
    • date-publised
    • url value
    • a small description of that xkcd
    • The alt text on the comic
  • written in uncomplicated python.