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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

Approved | Homepage | owned by ~tasdikrahman

A dead simple command line note taking app built for you!


  • Dead simple to use: Even your granny would be able to use it. No seriously!
  • Feature rich Add your precious note with it's title , content , tags
  • Secure: Encrypts your database using standard AES-256 in CBC mode. So even if anybody gets hand of your database file. He cannot make any sense of it. A little demo of what I am doing using it
  • NOTE This feature is available/tested only on linux based systems. Support for other OS's coming soon!

  • Text Highlighting is cross platform - Supports Linux, Windows, MAC for the terminal based highlighting.

  • Searching for notes is hassle free in tnote: It supports full text search for notes based on content, tags

  • The search query if found in the database will be highlighted if found. Looks pleasing to the eyes

  • Ability to add and remove tags for each note.

  • Adds timestamp for each note which has been added.

  • Written in uncomplicated python.

Watch the live demo here!