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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

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Jeto is a web UI to centralized vagrant machine server. We want to use vagrant as a unified and centralized deployment platform. The basic workflow should look like this: - Push your code on git (that includes your Vagrant file) - Create a new instance on Jeto - Select on what kind of host you want to deploy (VMWare? Amazon? LXC? Plain virtualbox?) - (optional) Link a domain to the newly created instance.

Trying to find a sustainable model for the development of Jeto (, we want to try out Gratipay as our primary funding channel.

Every cents going our way would greatly help developers to bring new insane features like websocket integration (and phasing out ServerSideEvents), a good and complete user audit log, theming support, better white labelling support. Have a look at our issue queue and milestones to a very brief look in the future of Jeto.