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Our new Terms of Service make it easier to get funded on Gratipay.

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Per our mission statement,

“Horizon Launcher is an open source, multi-platform game launcher which has the intent of providing an easy to use interface for storing your games, searching for game deals, chatting with friends in a community interface, among other things. Using an account should be optional, and the user always comes first. Horizon Launcher also intends to follow FOSS software standards and be as open/transparent as possible..”

The client is already in-development but we do plan on having backend features such as a website, community-related features, and accounts. These all require servers and hosting, which causes expenses that we don't have (any) income to cover.

That's where the Gratipay comes in- all money donated to the Gratipay is used to support the project and only the project and pay for its expenses. Any money left over after the expenses are paid is put back into the project in a special fund. All money and transactions are completely transparent.