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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.

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We are making the world better by being an open hackerspace!

Cyberpipe (Kiberpipa) is a hackerspace, ran by a group of volunteers who keep it active since 2001. To this day, we hosted already over 2000 events and have thus put Ljubljana, Slovenia, well on the hackerspace map.

In Cyberpipe we believe that sharing of knowledge is a necessity for individuals to grow and the society at large to flourish.

Cyberpipe is based on the ideas and values of openness and free software / open source. We share our platform for free to technology and activist communities. As such, on the local and national level, we are often perceived as a hub for all things open and free.

That being said, what specific project we currently work on, depends deeply on the people who are active. However, we will always remain true to our motto “all your code are belong to you”!

Here are a few important things that have grown out of Cyberpipe:

  • the first and only computer museum in Slovenia,
  • the idea of recycling old hardware,
  • interesting talks about all things open and IT-related (+ a substantial video archive),
  • teaching and mentoring people with all sorts of backgrounds to understand and use tech better,
  • too many interesting events, FOSS projects and hardware hacks to list.

For more information, see our website on and our video archive on .