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We have integrated npm into Gratipay.


Gratipay offers a voluntary subscription revenue model, wherein projects receive weekly payments from companies, organizations, and individuals.

How do I use Gratipay to receive money?

Apply for your project to join Gratipay.

How do I give money?

Browse or search for a project you want to give to, and then look for the prompt. Here's introtopython, for example:

Then once you sign in:

When are payments run?

We process payments once a week, on Thursdays. You can follow along each week.

What currencies do you support?

We charge and pay out in USD.

What payment methods do you support?

We are able to charge these brands of credit and debit card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, and American Express.

We pay out via PayPal.

What are the payment fees?

See pricing.

What are the payment limits?

The minimum you can give any one project is 1¢ per week. The maximum is $1,000 per week, and is intended to reduce income volatility by reducing how dependent a project is on a few sources of income.

Our minimum credit/debit card charge is $10. We charge in arrears. For example, we'll charge $10 (+ fees) at the end of ten weeks for a $1/wk subscription. This may cause your project's income to fluctuate.

What can I do to promote my project?

Check out Traction!

How do I see who is giving to my project?

You can't. Payments are anonymous, to avoid the problem where people feel overly entitled to special treatment because they've given your project a little money.

You can see overall statistics for your project under “Receiving” on your project page, including:

  • Funded Dues: incoming payments from givers who have not reached the charge threshold, backed by working credit cards.
  • Unfunded Dues: incoming payments that are not backed by working credit cards.
  • Estimated payment for next week: payments that the project will receive next payday.

Why is my project receiving less now than it was before?

If your project's income on Gratipay decreased, one of the following happened (most likely first):

  1. Due to the way we handle minimum charges, it's possible that (for example) you might see a $10 payment every 10 weeks.
  2. Someone decreased or entirely removed their payment to your project, or their Gratipay account was closed. As Gratipay payments are anonymous, we cannot tell you who.
  3. Someone's credit card failed when we tried to charge it.
  4. You have violated our terms of service. We will have contacted you before terminating your account.
  5. We received a legal document ordering Gratipay to cease processing payments for you. We will contact you unless prohibited by court order.

Is money I give through Gratipay tax-deductible?


How do I know I am giving to the right project?

You can follow links to Gratipay from a trusted source like a company or organization's website. Also, Twitter verifies accounts in instances where this is particularly relevant, so check their Twitter account carefully if it's linked.

Other Features

We honor the Do Not Track web analytics opt-out mechanism.