1.0 payouts are available indefinitely.


Welcome to Gratipay! We provide voluntary payments and (eventually) payroll for open work.

What is Open Work?

“Open work” means that your company or organization makes it easy for any individual to do your work for you without asking you first, and as a result to share in any revenue you generate. Basically you need to have a public issue tracker with documentation for self-onboarding, and be willing to use our payroll feature once we bring it back.

Other Basic Terminology

Gratipay has “~users” and “Teams,” and every Team has an “owner,” who is a ~user.

Speaking of ...    Subject Verb Object
payments ~alice gives to The Enterprise.
payments The Enterprise receives from ~alice.
payroll The Enterprise distributes to ~crusher.
payroll ~crusher takes from The Enterprise.

How is Gratipay Funded?

Gratipay is funded on Gratipay. We don't take a cut of payments (though we do pass through processing fees at cost). See our pricing page for more information.