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This add-on integrates the secure instant-messaging app Threema into the forum software XenForo. Using the Threema Gateway it offers three new two-step authentication (also called two-factor authentication) modes for users and admins.

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Three 2FA modes offer you and your users a flexible and secure 🔐 way for easily securing their account.
Multiple settings allow server admins to configure and/or restrict any aspect of the add-on and one can always extend this add-on to do other things with the Threema Gateway.
The add-on is built with security, flexibility and user choice in mind and is straightforward to use.
It is aimed at all XenForo admins, who want to increase the security of their forum by allowing users to secure their login with a solid, well-tested, famous crypto-messenger app as an alternative to the existing 2FA options in XenForo. When you enable all the three completely new Threema 2FA modes, users have a diverse choice and can do anything from not enabling a single mode to enabling all of them.
So let's allow users to keep their accounts under their control and make the world a little safer!